Ashok Pinnamaraju - Pharmacist and Business Owner

About Ashok Pinnamaraju

Ashok Pinnamaraju began his career as a pharmacist in 2005, serving as a pharmacy intern at Walgreens in St. Paul, Minnesota. Working at various Walgreens stores throughout the St. Paul area, Ashok Pinnamaraju distinguished himself by increasing sales and managing inventory while ensuring that patients had adequate information regarding their medications. Earning a reputation for efficiency, he built experience as both a pharmacist and a manager and worked his way up to the position of overnight pharmacist, and then pharmacy manager.

In 2008, Mr. Pinnamaraju moved to the Lexington Virginia area where he served as a pharmacist and part-owner of Lexcare Pharmacy. In this position, he visited nursing homes, retirement communities, and assisted living facilities on a monthly basis to ensure the residents received the highest quality pharmacy services, including full information regarding their medications. He recently established the Floyd Pharmacy in Floyd, Virginia, where he acts as director and principal pharmacist.

Additionally, Ashok Pinnamaraju is a member of the American Pharmacists Association and the Asian American Business Owners Association.